Flight-1 Kappenkurse mit Sascha Frings (201 & 202)

Flight-1 201 & 202 – der Kurs fällt leider aus!

Der Kurs fällt leider aus!

Mindestvoraussetzung: Lizenzspringer
Teilnehmerzahl: min. 6, max. 10 Personen
Termine: 16./17. Juli 2022
Kursgebühren: 310 € (155 € pro Tag) zzgl. Tickets + Orgagebühr (anteilig)

Die Flight-1 Canopy Series, entwickelt vom PD Factory Team, bietet aufeinander aufbauende Kurse an, welche in unterschiedliche Level/Module gegliedert sind. Systematisch kann man sich so, angepasst an die individuellen Bedürfnisse, weiterbilden.

Am ersten Tag (16. Juli) findet der Flight 201-Kurs statt. Am jeweiligen zweiten Tag (17. Juli) folgt der Flight 202-Kurs.

Flight 201:

"Managing Speed" (201) A must for all pilots regardless of experience! Inevitably all pilots at some point have to deal with different airspeeds close to ground. How will you react? Will you react correctly? The course highlights how different airspeeds are controlled safely for each situation and provides the know-how required to react correctly. This course is also a must if you intend to move into more advanced landings. (Quelle: flight-1.com/courses/series/flight-201)

Flight 202:

"Inducing Airspeed" (202) All pilots need to increase airspeed at some point to land safely. The first experience of this should never be in a high stress situation close to the ground! Whilst highlighting possible scenarios, the course provides essential knowledge including methods of building airspeed and how to avoid the pitfalls. For those interested in, or already doing high performance. (Quelle: flight-1.com/courses/series/flight-202)

(Sprünge aus 2.000 m = 26 € / Ticket)

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